#textiles & wearables

#smart materials

#tangible interfaces

#computational design



Hi, I'm Rosalie, a designer+researcher who is passionate about building soft-material HCI with textile, smart materials, and wearables to blur the boundary between technology and human. Currently, a master's student at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, MDes Technology, and a research affiliate with MIT Media Lab, Tangible Media Group focusing on topics of textile, soft, smart materials, and wearables.

Previous experience that led me to this field includes work at Nike OEM in Vietnam and at Morphing Matter Lab at CMU. At Nike OEM, I gained knowledge of soft material techniques such as textiles, soles, and mass production of shoes. At Morphing Matter Lab, I started my academic research journey, developed a textile-based prosthesis that is hand-moldable and lightweight for breast cancer survivors. Most recently, I worked at Advanced International Multitech as a Product Design R&D, designing woven carbon fiber composite chairs n that are single-piece, multi-stiffness, foldable, and parametric design.


In my free time, I enjoy hiking, camping, cooking, playing in nature.