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Weight of the words


Fountain pen / Craft design

In this work, I tried to experiment some  special  material which is rarely applied in fountain pen. Cement, with abundance of attributes, is one of the material that always attracts me. 


The texture is smooth with a bit rough. Bubbles randomly emerge on the surface. These characteristics of cement give the writer a warm feeling when holding it. The weight of this pen is also heavy, which seems to make every word more valuable.




Try out ratio 

Trying out many different formula in order to find the durable mixture. Luckily, the 22 design studio, who is professional in cement gave me some useful tips! 

Soap Carving 

The hardness of soap is appropriate for carving. Soap can easily be formed than wax, meanwhile it is also a cheap material. 

Plaster Mold

The reason for trying out plaster mold is due to its permeability. Yet, the outcome is not so pleasant since air contained in the process.

Silicone Mold

While the plaster mold is too easy to fail due to the bubbles in side, silicone is a better option for creating smoother surfaces.

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