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A post-pandemic fashion that encourages people to go out and socialize again: color-changing and kinetic accessory that responses to sun and heat.

Ana Merla, Gabby Perry, Rosalie Lin, Ernesto Carvajal, Diego Olguin

COVID-19's impact on fashion is significant. We tend to wear loose,

comfy, low-toned colors not only because of staying at home but also it reflects how we feel. Similarly, what you wear could influence how you feel.

What if fashion can encourage you to go outside again? What if what you wear makes you look forward to wearing it? What is an accessory that can help you find an empathetic community? Unveil is an accessory that has kinetic and color-changing features under warmth and sunlight.

Product Feature

Material techniques


Bi-metalic coil


Photochromic pigment

Change color under sunlight

What if fashion can encourage people to go outside, meet people, and build community after the pandemic? 

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